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Security Training
IAPPA offers a variety of training programs to members of the security and law enforcement community. We provide clients from all over the world with security training that is in accordance with the highest international industry standards.
We host and organize courses with our international partners and instructors.
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bodyguard training
Oliver Becker Training
Learn from the professionals

Our internationally experienced trainers offer a variety of security trainings for companies, government agencies, NGO's, freelancers and security companies. These include IED search and detection, operational self-protection training, travel security, workplace violence protection, H.E.A.T. training, security force awareness and terrorism training. 

Our training sessions are not a circus. We train sensibly, effectively and realistically. We teach what emergency services really need to be able to apply 100% performance and knowledge at all times. You won't find spectacular chases, senseless use of firearms or exaggerated toughness in our training courses, because we teach what really counts - tactics, knowledge, understanding and competence.   

Grow Your Knoweledge

Here you will find special training courses developed by the IAPPA, which have been tried and tested for over 30 years and are regarded internationally as the standard for safety.
You can find many other certified training courses and academies from our partners. If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with us!    

Protection Agent

security driver training

The IAPPAPersonal Protection Agent course was developed in 1989

by Founder and Past Director, Mr. James A. King. The course has been updated through the years and new techniques and security concepts have been implemented in the "lAPPA Basic Skills Course".

The basic skills course is for students with no experience in personal protection operations that want to start a career in the personal protection and VIP security field. The course covers all aspects

of modern close protection operations.

Course information

Instructors: Multiple

Venue: International

Course duration: 5 - 7 days for Basic Skills Course

Date: Contact us

Special Event
Security - S.E.S

event security

Event Security Course for security consultants, events organizers, security staff and others involved in security and event management.

The IAPPA Special Event Security - S.E.S - Seminar will learn the student how to conduct advance work, plan and organize security before, during and after special events such as board meetings, VIP Events, Conferences and Concerts. Topics range from media and paparazzi handling to I.E.D Search and conflict management.

Course information

Instructors: Multiple

Venue: International

Course lenght: 2 days

Date: Contact us

SecuKids™ Child Protection Program
child protection

With the knowledge of effective strategies in personal protection, the current president of the IAPPA, Oliver Becker, created a security & violence prevention training program for children in 1998 that is still successful today.

With the SecuKids - Child Protection Program, children are protected from all kinds of physical and emotional violence, because they learn how to use their instincts and feelings to recognize dangers at an early stage so that they can act safely at all times.

You can find more information on the website 


H.E.A.T - Hostile Environment Awareness Training

HEAT Training

Stays in crisis regions with high to extreme risks present employees with particular challenges in terms of security. HEAT training offers the best possible preparation for surviving trips and stays in regions with high risks of armed conflict, terrorism or crime and mastering dangerous situations with confidence.

The content includes the following modules, among others:

Learning to recognize and assess risks, Sparks and orientation
Advanced first aid in crisis regions, Planning and carrying out overland journeys, Behavior at checkpoints, Behavior during criminal attacks, Behavior in the event of gunfire, Weapons and ballistics, Behavior during kidnappings and in captivity, Dealing with stress, Dealing with mobs, riots and protests, Behavior during surveillance and espionage


Course information

Instructors: Multiple

Venue: International

Course length: 2 - 4 days

Date: Contact us

Get Certified

Do you have the necessary knowledge, but no proof?
Or would you like to position yourself internationally and are looking for recognition from an internationally recognized organization?
Then you can get certified by our team.

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