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Association of Personal Protection Agents

a member of United International Security Associations

The International Association of Personal Protection Agents (IAPPA)
was established in the United States in 1989 with a primary objective of fostering global
connectivity among personal protection agents operating in various regions. Within
this framework, members could facilitate the exchange of ideas, engage in
collaborative training initiatives, enhance their educational pursuits, and collectively
formulate standardized global protocols for personal protection.

As of today, spanning over three decades since its inception, IAPPA boasts a
diverse and extensive membership, encompassing more than 700 individuals hailing
from over 30 countries across the globe. This distinguished group includes
close protection agents, corporate security professionals, military units, royal bodyguards,
law enforcement agencies, specialized military forces, security academies,
and international security consultants.

We are proud of what we have achieved together as a community. But we also never tire
of doing our best every day to ensure that people all over the world are protected
professionally and competently.

We stand up for our values - courage, loyalty, respect and honor.   
close protection agent
close protection agent
female bodyguard

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more than 30 years of excellent protection

bodyguard training


IAPPA offers a variety of training programs to members of the security and law enforcement community. We provide clients from all over the world with security training that is in accordance with

the highest international IAPPA standards.

We host and organize courses at the IAPPA Academy, our international partners and certified instructors - for first-class results and the necessary knowledge advantage.

security consulting


We advise our clients on matters pertaining to the physical protection of people and property e.g. executive protection and other forms of security.

We provide information about technical security systems and assist our clients with the daily management of both large and small scale security projects. As an example event organizers can rely on our massive experience in the fields of event security management. 

certified close protection agent


The IAPPA Certification program is closing this gap for people who really know their jobs, have hands-on experience and want that to be valued as such.

Our certifications are not gifts that you buy online. Our examination board evaluates every application received and only certifies those that meet the high standard. An internationally recognized certificate from IAPPA distinguishes the holder as a true professional. 

close protection

"Success is the result of hard work, perseverance and the tireless willingness to get back up when you fall."

Copyright by United International Security Associations

The International Association of Personal Protection Agents (IAPPA) is a globally respected organization whose mission is to promote and ensure world-class personal protection. Their primary goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals, celebrities, corporate executives and other vulnerable people.

The IAPPA works closely with security experts and professionals from around the world to establish best practices and standards in the field of personal protection. The focus of their efforts is on avoiding dangers, identifying risks and responding quickly to potential threats.

The organization is committed to the education and training of close protection professionals and provides training and certification to ensure that these professionals have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their duties safely and effectively. IAPPA also promotes information sharing and collaboration among security professionals to better understand and respond appropriately to current developments and threats.
Overall, IAPPA is passionate about the safety and security of people and helps to continually improve standards in the area of personal protection.
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