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Join one of the oldest and most recognized organization in the security industry.

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Joining IAPPA you will benefit from peer expertise and connections based on more than 30 years dedicated to all areas of the security industry while supporting a unique quality campaign for a worldwide uniform high-quality standards to protect the image of our industry.

Just a couple of the benefits of being a member with IAPPA:

  • Become part of the elite - worldwide recognition

  • Boost your career with exclusive IAPPA courses and seminars

  • Access to Different Areas of Security and Law Enforcement

  • Secure the best jobs though a large global network

  • Become proficient interacting with real-life experts

  • Enlarge and update your knowledge with free handbooks, webinars and checklists

You could join over 700 members in more than 30 countries!

Can anybody join?

The answer is a clear no... The International Association of Personal Protection Agents has existed for over three decades insisting on quality. Our members benefit from a strong network and each new member must be an addition for everybody. That's why one cannot simply become a member by applying and paying, as it is usual with other organizations.


What is the procedure?

Once you fill out the application form, your request will be sent to our steering committee where your credentials and vita will be analyzed. Each application is personally reviewed by the president who will make a final decision. It can be approved, rejected, or the board may request additional information/documentation.

What if I get rejected?

Being a very exclusive group and for all members to benefit, membership applications are rejected from time to time, if the board is not convinced that the association and its members will benefit from it. In that case, the person will be notified and will be given the chance to appeal.


Don't worry: Any rejected application receives a full refund. We highly encourage anyone interested in our work to apply.

Apply today to get access to our exclusive membership with plenty of benefits:
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10% Discount on Online Courses
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What our members say:

"Great organization that can help service members gain certification and knowledge to enhance their career."

J. Allenbrand

New York, USA

"The oldest and most professional organization dedicated to the betterment of the Executive Protection field..."

S. Barnhart

Missouri, USA

"We have a difficult job. Understanding this, IAPPA team does an excellent job and I wanted to congratulate them on that."

T. Riviere


"I joined the IAPPA to expand my network and what I got in 2 months is more than worth the entire year!"

R. Waldmann


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