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Security Consulting is a specialized field dedicated to safeguarding individuals, organizations, and assets against various threats and risks. Our professional members assess vulnerabilities, design protective strategies, and offer expert guidance to enhance security measures
security consulting

We advise our clients on matters pertaining to the physical protection of people and property e.g. executive protection and other forms of security. We provide information about technical security systems and assist our clients with the daily management of both large and small scale security projects. As an example event organizers can rely on our massive experience in the fields of event
security management. We have provided security to countless corporate and sports events, fashion shows, media and red carpet events including fundraisers, board meetings and conferences just to menton a few

We have also assisted government clients with the implementation of workplace violence preven-
tion procedures and designed use-of force courses and workshops for municipal security and law
enforcement officials. Small and medium size business owners including several multinational busi-
nesses have throughout the years consulted us on issues relating to retail loss prevention and em-
ployee theft.

business meeting
office building

No matter what project or client we are working with and for our approach to security consulting is always based on a proactive and holistic philosophy. We use our experience and know-how to handle the difficulties that your business faces. We design and implement solutions that are realistic and cost iterative at the same time. We work in accordance with national and cultural traditions
and principles this enables us to be proactive in our approach

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Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about consulting

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