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Security consulting is a specialist field dedicated to protecting individuals, organisations and assets from various threats and risks. As an association, we advise and assess, design security concepts and offer expert advice on improving existing security measures.

IAPPA world wide

Here for you whenever you need us!

Do you have a security requirement or would you like advice? Then we and our worldwide network are here for you! 


When selecting the right provider of security services, particularly in the areas of personal, event and corporate security, our customers can draw on our decades of expertise. We recommend the right security service provider from among the IAPPA members and work together to develop a customised security concept. Together with our members, we have secured countless personal protection assignments, events, board meetings and conferences at an international level over the last 35 years, to name just a few of our successful assignments. As an established and professional organisation, customers can be sure that they can count on trustworthy advice for their needs for more than 35 years.  


As a further measure of security consulting, we offer companies, public administrations, local politicians and schools courses and workshops on violence prevention, safety in the workplace and anti-amok training. 


Regardless of the project or client we are working for, our approach to security counselling is always based on a preventative and holistic philosophy. We use our experience and expertise to overcome the difficulties you and/or your organisation face. We design and implement solutions that are both realistic and problem-orientated. We work in accordance with national and cultural traditions and principles, which enables us to take a proactive approach.

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