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Why Anybody in Security Should Be Aware of IEDs

Whether you work in close protection, event, physical or any type of security job, recognizing improvised explosive devices (IEDs) should belong to our toolbox the same as a first-aid kit or your working clothes. But in reality, many professionals could be endangering their clients lives or reputation for not knowing the basics.

Cheap, easy to hide, and with devastating effects. Why wouldn’t the bad guys love this? IEDs killed over 100,000 people in the last decade. In populated areas, regardless of their target, around 90% of their victims are civilians. Mostly in commercial premises. How could you know if you are free from this danger?

The fact is that most facilities or vehicles could easily be set up for a bombing incident. Think of how many people have access to the places you work at or pass through with clients. Now think of all the possibilities to hide an explosive device in those areas. Once you are done, remember that a bad guy would count on you going through those areas and would have to be creative.

Unfortunately, whoever wants to build a simple IED is able to find detailed information on the internet nowadays. You don’t need military expertise or a chemistry degree. The only thing needed is the intent to do harm. And, if you work in security, there is a reason why you were hired: from somewhere, there is at least the suspicion that harm could be caused.

Do you know what an IED could look like? Do you have a system in place to search for IEDs on the job? IAPPA members will soon receive the booklet with checklists  “Searching and recognizing IEDs” free of cost. Non-members can purchase it on IAPPA’s online shop.

Furthermore, another problem that is not IED-related but could be solved with proper IED search training are bugs and devices aimed at wiretapping. Missing one of those devices might not cost your client’s life but ruin their finances or reputation instead. Whoever possesses or trades important information is at risk of being wiretapped. Do you know how cheap and easy it is to do that? Just google something like “wiretap everyday object” and find yourself how great the risk is. Are you confident that you have the training needed for that part of the job?