• Oliver Becker

Two top members to strengthen IAPPA’s Training and Education Division

This Tuesday, May 12, IAPPA’s Global President Oliver Becker announced the expansion of the Training and Education Division by two other spots as part of the strategic plans of growing to become the “place to go” regarding training standards in the security industry worldwide.

With members in over 30 countries and the outspoken mission of promoting uniform high standards for the security industry around the world, IAPPA started 2020 with a myriad of actions to strengthen its Training and Education led by MBA Felipe Tsoy, who has held critical management positions in several continents.

After modernizing its professional certification and academy accreditation processes as well as launching an online academy, IAPPA has now included two new specialized sub-departments, namely Military Affairs and Medical Training.

The Department of Military Affairs will be supported by the Sergeant Major Daniel Binert who is a member of the Germany Military Police, CCPA, Security Driver and Shooting Instructor. Among the topics that will receive special attention are military specific knowledge, accreditation of police and military academies and the certification of professionals with military experience.

The Medical Training Department is an innovative concept designed by IAPPA as the first organization to actively commit to studying and supporting security and law enforcement professionals in this vital topic. To lead these efforts, IAPPA has welcomed Janina Voss (former Senior Chief Petty Officer) on board, who spent over 15 years in the German Navy - a part of it stationed in the US - and worked as an EMS in a Mobile Protection Unit. Janina is also a Certified Child Protection Coordinator and Child Protection Instructor (SecuKids™) as well as IAPPA Health- and physical Fitness Representative). She was also responsible for bringing to life the online course Medical Awareness for Security and Law Enforcement, a long-time request by many members.

We welcome our new team members!