• Oliver Becker

Several courses relaunched at the IAPPA Headquarters - Including CCPA®

These have been and still are challenging months for us all. But at least in some parts of the world, things are arriving at a certain degree of normality again. And so is it in Berlin, Germany, where, in

the course of the last weeks, several have been started with modified versions.

For accredited academies around the world, this was the sign many were waiting for: some of the courses that can be certified are allowed to be running again, even under (sometimes severe) limitations. With adapted concepts that are available for licensed academies, the protection training for children SecuKids® has been fully booked in most of its available dates across Germany. Also the women’s defense trainings HardTarget restarted with two running workshops.

However, the greatest news for IAPPA followers everywhere was the begin of the first Close Protection Agent course in this unusual year. The first two weekly trainings have been conducted at the IAPPA Headquarters by our president Oliver Becker to a group of highly motivated students willing to get their executive protection certification.

Among the new certification candidates are students with experience as policemen, military police and also people seeking lateral moves in the security industry. What they all have in common is their enthusiasm for the concept that was the reason Mr. Jim King founded the IAPPA over 30 years: “Theory without practical experience is useless”.

This kind of recognition, coming from people who had abandoned similar certifications unhappy with the quality, is what keeps us moving under the same principles this association was created back in 1989.