• Oliver Becker

President's Communication on Memberships

"Since there seems to have been some confusion in the past, I would like offer an official information regarding IAPPA membership modalities and the organization's structure.

Historically, IAPPA memberships have always been annual. Thus, any membership that has not been renewed is automatically relinquished. Furthermore, due to data privacy regulations, we do not have a database of memberships that have expired before 2018.

The second point to clarify is that IAPPA does not have any national representatives, spokespersons or directors, except for those named on the website. In case of doubt, please contact our headquarters.

Starting this year, however, we have introduced two new modalities of membership (additionally to the annual ones): Tri-annual and Lifetime, which are offered heavily discounted, as we believe in strengthening our network through longer-time commitment.

That said, we would be happy to welcome back former members that have been away and invite all interested peers to visit our new membership page: https://www.iappa.online/membership"

Oliver Becker, Global President IAPPA