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Pizza Baking and Close Protection. Why not everyone is an Expert

There is a joke that states that, because of people’s assumptions, any Italian person can open a restaurant and people will believe they know their thing. Even if they had a totally different job in Italy. Why? Because they’re Italian. Does that apply to our jobs as well?

The composition of IAPPA’s members body is extremely diverse. We not only have professionals from the most different countries in the World but also professionals with various backgrounds and experiences. When we assemble a team for missions, we strive to cover as many different areas of expertise. And that’s why we know not every Italian is a pizza expert.

We’ve seen that in applications, we see that on websites. People want to offer close protection and underline their experience: “10 years in the army”, “5 years at the Special Unit XYZ”, “Team Lead at the Local Police”. That’s being Italian. You can probably spot a bad pizza or a bad spaghetti but that doesn’t make you a cook.

As a matter of fact, pizza is a Southern Italian specialty. In the North, they master polenta. And each region has their own pasta. Equally, the military and the police have different areas and specialties. An emergency phone operator is crucial, but does not necessarily know hostage negotiation. And the expert negotiator is probably not the right person to be sent to the front around a sports event. A royal bodyguard is unlikely to have the expertise to conduct an arrest for domestic violence. You got the point.

Of course, most police forces in the World offer some training that is somehow related to close protection. And, just for being trained and working in this environment, those professionals tend to develop a security awareness that is vital for personal protection. It’s like knowing how a kitchen works. But is that enough of a vita to hire someone?

At IAPPA, we don’t think any of that automatically qualifies a person to even call themselves close protection agents. Of course, you can get a security license or even undergo security guard training. But without knowing the intricacies of what close protection really entails and gathering enough experience in the field, you will be simply microwaving frozen pizzas. Except for the fact that - in this case - a bad pizza can kill.

That is why we scrutinize every application for our CCPA certification and had to reject many applications in the last months. Knowledge and experience must match: because we want everybody to know that, if you got certified by IAPPA, you are not only Italian. You are a pizza expert.

Now, for all those professionals who have gathered enough experience in the police or in the military, and want to transition into the civilian market, we will be soon launching our Private Executive Protection Agent (PEPA) program. This program will match your experience and qualification with what is necessary to be successful in executive protection services. Stay tuned!