• Oliver Becker

Managing Threats: Much more than responding or ignoring

Nowadays, there is barely any group of professionals that do not have to deal with threats and menaces related to the job. When that happens, it is not only a matter concerning one specific person but the entire organization, its employees, management and reputation. This was the topic of the live workshop Bedrohungsmanagement (in English: Management of Threats) held at the IAPPA headquarters on July, 23rd.

The first live workshop carried out after the peak of the pandemy had a limit of 8 participants, which was reached very fast. IAPPA’s president, Oliver Becker and vice-president, Felix Timtschenko brought to light incredible statistics of a problem that is much more common and much more complex than most people think.

With practical exercises and case studies, the workshop kept the essence of the principles that IAPPA lives up to. Theory to understand and practice to develop the ability to do. The diversity of the group contributed to a rich and vivid discussion. Among the participants were managers from corporations that travelled hundreds of kilometres to be there as well as representatives from law enforcement and armed forces. 

At the end, followed by relaxed get-together IAPPA’s Executive Director of Education, Felipe Tsoy, announced the plans of a partnership with an University of Applied Sciences to launch an accredited Corporate Security Management Course with credit points towards a University Degree valid worldwide. More information on this course will come soon.