• Oliver Becker

IAPPA's Online Academy is Live

Long-time expected project, IAPPA's Online Academy has been finally launched.

The platform, which offers certified courses such as Hotel Security Guard and Security Risk Management was thought as a complement to classical security training, creating the possibility of further qualification in several areas served by the security industry.

"Not everybody can and wants to attend a full-week training, such as CCPA, at one of our academies but do need further knowledge to perform specific jobs. Our online academy gives security personnel the opportunity to learn from some of the most qualified instructors worldwide, regardless of where they are located" explained Felipe Tsoy, Executive Director of Education at IAPPA.

The Online Academy started with 2 courses and more are already being designed at IAPPA's Education and Training Division. The web address of the Online Academy is https://onlineacademy.iappa.net/