• iappa_news_team

IAPPA Online Academy soon to be available

Especially in times where most in-person courses are being cancelled (IAPPA - The Academy is not an exception) and many professionals are being sent into home office, having alternatives to learn from home are incredibly valuable.

Long-time planned, IAPPA - The Academy will be making available a series of courses for further professional development to be taught online only. In-person training programs that require real-life situation replication are not included in the packages.

Since the curriculum has been developed by the IAPPA Accreditation and Certification Boards, the list of courses to be offered online will be made of basics or further qualifications for professionals that already possess basic skills and experience.

One of the courses expected with the most excitement is the Hotel Security Management which will help thousands of security professionals already working in hospitality but also many others considering a move into that industry that would not have a chance without a further qualification.

Last but not least, in times of Coronavirus, the inquiries regarding the Security Risk Management course have sparked exponentially. Knowing how to objectively evaluate risk and how to deal with it have become essential skills equally for CEOs with thousands of employees and housewifes buying toilet paper.

Don’t miss it! Official launch date is March 31st.