• Oliver Becker

IAPPA now has Close Protection Courses recognized by Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance

Last week, the International Association of Personal Protection Agents, through its representative in the Middle East, Charles Mallice, was awarded the accreditation to certify the Highfield Level 3 in Close Protection in its academies.

Highfield International is an institution headquartered in the United Arab Emirates that promotes high-level of training for several security topics worldwide. Beyond training events and materials, Highfield works tightly to ensure that also United Kingdom’s regulations are met - some of the most strict in the world - being named the “Awarding Organisation of the Year” and consistently ranking among the top 5 awarding organizations in the UK.

The Highfield Level 3 International Certificate in Close Protection will be offered first at IAPPA’s Trainings Institute in Abu Dhabi and can be extended to all accredited academies, provided the accreditation process is followed.