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IAPPA launches its own Close Protection Team

Last Thursday at the organization’s headquarters in Berlin, the president of the International Association of Personal Protection Agents, Oliver Becker, announced that, for the first time in History, the association will have its own Close Protection Team for missions that demand specialized agents.

Since its foundation back in 1989, the IAPPA has always stood for high standards and practice-proven concepts. This has attracted thousands of professionals willing to be tested and certified with a quality seal. But also clients looking for highly specialized executive protection agents beyond the mainstream skills.

With increasing inquiries made directly from clients needing experts certified under IAPPA standards and the difficulty of recommending agents in all areas of the globe, the association decided to meet the request of having its own elite unit.

Starting this September, a team of selected IAPPA members who have undergone full close protection training and bring the experience in sensitive and multifaceted missions will be available for specialized services. This team will be meeting for further training, situational analysis, and practical exercises on a regular basis and can be deployed in any part of the world with relatively short notice.

For the sake of clarity, the main area of work for the Close Protection Team will be missions that require a myriad of cross-skills, high-degree of adaptability and/or a well-fitted team.  For any typical inquiries, the IAPPA will continue to recommend its members or professionals certified under the standards of the organization.