• Oliver Becker

IAPPA breaks historical marks on social media

This week, the online presences of IAPPA on LinkedIn and Facebook reached 6-figure marks of followers as a result of tireless efforts to increase and improve its activities worldwide.

IAPPA is well-known as one of the most traditional organizations and one of the few internationally active ones in the security industry. In the last two years, the association has undergone a modernization process to be there for a large number of dedicated security professionals around the globe.

This week started with the formerly discrete Facebook page of the organization reaching 1,000 followers interacting with the current developments at IAPPA. Before the enthusiasm about this recognition could even cool down, the next good news came: 2,000 security professionals are now part of our LinkedIn network.

Much more than symbolic numbers, this enlargement of our network also increases the benefits members have interacting, learning from and sharing knowledge with other like-minded professionals. All part of IAPPA's vision of supporting the establishment and maintenance of uniform high-level standards across the security industry worldwide.

Remodeling of its certification and accreditation processes, integrations of topic experts, launching online courses and building a large network of professionals committed with the image and future of our profession is paying off.

Since its remodeling in 2018, IAPPA has regained the reputation that has made it to the organization to go for whomever looking for professionalism and seriousness in the business of close protection. With its new programs and a serious of announcements followed by ground-breaking actions, the Association has risen back to being the most recognized bodyguard associations but, much more, the expertise repository for all areas of the security industry.

Learn more about membership modalities at https://www.iappa.online/membership