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Data Protection or Child Protection? Why Not Both?

Imagine you go to a store or any organization where they ask you to disclose sensitive information. Your ID, address, phone number, copy of your credit card. If you are like most people, you would have some natural concerns and would like to know what measures they have in place to protect your data.

It is definitely a great step that most organizations nowadays have a data protection policy and people in charge of it. Unfortunately, when we are talking about children, this consciousness is almost nonexistent. Both on the end of the parents and the organizations themselves.

If you ask a company about their data protection policy and they say “we don’t need one: we trust all our employees”, you would probably refrain from handing over your data to them. If they said they have one somewhere in a drawer but there is nobody really in charge of enforcing it, you would be highly suspicious. But parents do that with their children everyday. And most organizations don’t even see the need for it.

Sports clubs, amusement parks, day care centres, schools… If you ask them about their child protection policy or who is their person in charge of enforcing those policies, you will probably hear something like the above. Or “we trust our employees”, “they are all experienced in dealing with children”. Seriously?

At the same time, a huge number of abuses happen in those environments. Criminals, in particular those with an intention to perpetrate, look for exactly this type of opportunity. Children available, trust from the parents, lack of control and thus low risk. From a security point of view, allowing that environment to thrive would be the worst-case scenario in the work of a personal protection agent.

Therefore, the International Association of Child Protection Agents has been pushing for the topic of child protection to gain more attention worldwide. Since 2020, the Child Protection Department of the IAPPA has been working together with SecuKids® to provide training and guidance for anybody with children entrusted to their organization. In this month of November, the course Child Protection Coordinator will be made available at our Online Academy and different topics will be discussed within the Association.

Because children matter!