• Oliver Becker

Are bodyguards modern samurai?

Carrying swords, fighting wars, doing harakiri. None of this is related to those black-suited men and women who have nothing to do most of the time until it’s often too late. So how could professionals working in close protection be compared with samurai and not with an ordinary worker anyway?

The Global President of the International Association of Personal Protection Agents, Oliver Becker, who has been a martial arts practitioner for many years and is also a enthusiast of Japanese culture, sees many parallels between the old japanese warriors and nowadays close protection agents. This is will be the subject of a new book to be soon released by IAPPA Publishing.

Some people may argue it’s just a job. And there are indeed agents who do see it just like that. Even though this can never be “any job”. Being entrusted with the personal security of someone else is no 9-5 job. If you don’t do it well, people may die. You don’t just let your boss know that in 15 minutes you have to attend a birthday party and wish them a good evening. 

Most of the work of being a close protection officer is preparation, training, being ready at all times and keeping a clear mind when it comes to real action. All these similarities were found in the duties of the old samurai. But the most important thing in common that differentiates a certified close protection officer from many other professions is a sense of duty under a set of values.

A purpose to serve and being ready to become a target to save a protectee. Mental discipline and loyalty round up a noble vocation to be the best you can by putting someone else’s safety with no compromises. Based on this premise, the International Association of Personal Protection Agents was founded over 30 years ago.

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