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One of the most traditional organizations in the security industry is offering a certified online course for Private Security Professionals on Improvised Explosive and Incendiary Devices

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Thousands of people die in IED explosions every year. Cheap and easy to hide, virtually anyone wanting to cause great damagewith little effort and without being present.

Many people working in executive protection or even event security take extensive courses in shooting, close-range combat and so on. But most attacks never happen that way. Do you have what it takes to prevent harm to you or your clients?


In this course you will learn the basics of how Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) are built and how they can be identified. You will learn to look beyond the obvious and should be able to search for IEDs as well as intentionally deployed devices that could be harmful for your clients such as bugs and hidden cameras

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Your Course Instructor

Charles Mallice

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Charles is IAPPA’s Executive Director for Middle East and Africa, MCiiSCM, CCPA, MSyI, and one of the most successful security consultants in the United Arab Emirates.

As a former member of the Corps of Royal Engineers in the United Kingdom, Charles received comprehensive training and was deployed in high-profile missions in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Germany and the Falkland Islands.

With more than 40 years of experience in the military and security, his expert knowledge was also employed to  coordinated the security of US Military bases and trained their units in Germany during the threat of the Rea Army Fraction.

With operations and trainings in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Algeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bosnia, Iraq, Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and many other locations, Charles Mallice is one pf the most reputable experts in this field worldwide.



The International Association of Personal Protection Agents was formed in 1989 in the United States of America and is one of the most traditional international associations with members in over thirty countries (and growing), including corporate security teams from international corporations, government agencies, military, police and private executive protection personnel. 

IAPPA’s mission is to advocate for and actively contribute to establishing uniform and high-quality standards in the security industry around the Globe. Being one of the oldest and largest organizations of its kind, IAPPA can offer professional training, advice and certified courses for security experts, also being one of the few organizations worldwide to offer a professional, real-world training program in accordance with the highest international industry standards both members and non-members around the world.


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