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Close Protection is different in every country. If you are familiar with the market in the Middle East, you know that there will be missions requiring female agents in the team, and some jobs will be exclusive for women. On the other hand, there is a severe shortage of qualified female close protection agents. This is the opportunity to close that gap.

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What you will learn


The Female Close Protection Agent Basic Course is an intensive 6-day training where all key factors for good protective service will be discussed, practiced and rehearsed. Upon approval, the agents will be entitled to take part in close protection jobs and, gathering enough practical experience, graduates from the program will be eligible for CCPA® certification - the highest industry standards and IAPPA elite quality seal.

Among several other topics, this course will cover risk management, escorting, event security, overseas missions, planning, and tactics. 




This course is accredited by the International Association of Personal Protection Agents. This means that the contents, the delivery methods and the credentials of the instructors have been assessed by IAPPA's accreditation body and they meet the highest standards required to carry the "IAPPA-certified" badge.


Your Course Instructor


Charles is IAPPA’s Executive Director for Middle East and Africa, MCiiSCM, CCPA, MSyI, and one of the most successful security consultants in the United Arab Emirates.

As a former member of the Corps of Royal Engineers in the United Kingdom, Charles received comprehensive training and was deployed in high-profile missions in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Germany and the Falkland Islands.


With more than 40 years of experience in the military and security, his expert knowledge was also employed to  coordinated the security of US Military bases and trained their units in Germany during the threat of the Rea Army Fraction.


With operations and trainings in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Algeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Bosnia, Iraq, Russia, Poland, Germany, Italy, India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and many other locations, Charles Mallice is one pf the most reputable experts in this field worldwide

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Director Middle East
Certified Security Management Expert

Registration & Information


The total investment for this course is AED 1,750 and registration is open to any female with previous experience in the security industry or seeking to gain new professional skills.


This course is conducted by Charles Mallice in cooperation with IAPPA.


Contact & Booking

Director for the Middle East 
Tel & WhatsApp: +971 50 8144046