• IAPPA has more than 700 members in over 30 countries. Among those are Executive Close Protection Agents, security companies, security professionals and personal protection teams in the security industry, royalty, military, governments, and police forces.

  • Since 2021, IAPPA has been a member of the United International Security Associations, based in Berlin/Germany.

  • President/CEO is Oliver Becker from Berlin/Germany. He is a Certified Close Protection Agent (CCPA®), Certified Corporate Security Manager (CCSeM®), Certified Security Management Expert, Certified Law Enforcement Instructor and founder of SecuKids® - Child Protection

  • Since 2020, IAPPA has kept an own and internationally operating Close Protection Team. The personnel size is currently 21 Certified Close Protection Agents® who can be deployed in most parts of the world.

  • IAPPA has designed and successfully established the Certified Corporate Security Manager (CCSeM®) program, which is unique in the Security Business.

  • IAPPA accredits security academies worldwide in order to establish quality standards in personal protection training and job qualifications. Those have proven to be right for more than 30 years.

  • The only way to become members with the IAPPA is going through an application process. A committee reviews each and every application and decides on the acceptance of each new member. This ensures high quality, also among the members.

  • IAPPA has been a partner of the DoD Cool Program of the US Army. Former U.S. soldiers can complete IAPPA's programs and become certified in several areas of security by doing so. This partnership was designed to assist ex-soldiers to transition into the civilian workforce. One of the most popular options are the PEPA - Private Executive Protection Agent certification.

  • All IAPPA training programs are reality-based. Shooting from moving vehicles, rappelling from helicopters or wild pursuits do not exist in IAPPA programs, because we consider such training content to be unrealistic and often pointless. Not only the members, but also the training programs of the IAPPA are discrete, honest and convey applicable knowledge.

  • As a community, we also want to give something back to society. IAPPA supports social projects in child protection worldwide. Together with the International Child Protection Union, we help, for example, the construction of a school in Tanzania-Africa or train child protection officers who take care of the protection and safety of children on site. We are particularly proud of this work, one of a kind in our industry.