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Become a Private Executive Protection Agent

The Private Executive Protection Agent program is specifically designed for former military, police or other law enforcement personnel who lack civilian recognition and certification to work in the private sector. You can now earn this recognition with certification from the prestigious International Association of Personal Protection Agents.  

The PEPA certification program was developed by personal protection professionals who have years of experience in both private and law enforcement personal protection and understand how diverse the field can be. It is therefore necessary to have the knowledge of a customer-oriented way of working as a Close Protection Agent for private individuals. The PEPA certification gives you access to an online course that provides you with this knowledge. Upon completion of the course, you will receive your certification.  

Start your certification now to recognize your knowledge and experience and prepare you for a successful career in private close protection.

Private Executive Protection Agent
Security management by International Association of Personal Protection Agents

The requirements

The requirements for the Personal Protection Agent certification are transparent and only a few exceptions can be made. This is important to ensure the value of being certified by IAPPA. 

  • Former police, governmental or military personnel with training and practical experience in close protection. 

  • All information in the certification process must be verified in writing.  In addition, all certificates and submitted documents must be verifiable.   

Team work

Are you ready to be one of the best?

How does it work?

If you meet the requirements for Executive Protection Certification, you can start the certification process at the bottom of this page.

Each application will be personally reviewed and evaluated by the IAPPA Certification Centre. If further documentation or evidence is required, you will be contacted by the Certification Office. You will receive access to the online course "Private Executive Protection Agent", which you must complete in order to be familiar with the way IAPPA works as a private executive protection agent. 

Upon successful certification, your printed certificate and PEPA badge will be mailed to you. Please allow approx. 14 days for the entire certification process and despatch of the documents. 
With the certification we offer you the opportunity to become a member of IAPPA. The first year of membership is free of charge. After that there is an annual fee of 99,- EURO.

We wish you every success with the certification process and look forward to receiving your application. 

Private Executive Protection Agent

The Private Executive Protection Agent (PEPA) program is a groundbreaking initiative developed by the International Association of Personal Protection Agents (IAPPA) based on over 30 years of experience and expertise in international personal protection.

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