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Become a Certified Security Manager 

A large number of security employees work as security managers because they have extensive experience and knowledge. They literally grow into this area of security without any special education or training. 

Even members of the police or military, who end their active time, are often not certified, what they can really do. Yet they often have impressive careers and know exactly how to do their jobs. The IAPPA certification program was designed for just these people. With the IAPPA Certified Security Manager credential, they get the recognition they deserve. However, our certificates are not purchased gifts - previous work and experience must be fully documented in writing. Hands-on experience is a key factor for anyone who wants to earn the IAPPA Seal of Quality. 

This process is now accessible worldwide to recognize your knowledge and experience and prepare you for a successful career in security management. 

Certified Security Manager by International Association of Personal Protection Agents

How does it work?

If you meet the requirements for Security Manager Certification, you can start the certification process at the bottom of this page.

Each application will be personally reviewed and evaluated by the IAPPA Certification Centre. If further documentation or evidence is required, you will be contacted by the Certification Office. 

Upon successful certification, your printed certificate and IAPPA badge will be mailed to you. Please allow approx. 14 days for the entire certification process and despatch of the documents. 
With the certification we offer you the opportunity to become a member of IAPPA. The first year of membership is free of charge. After that there is an annual fee of 99,- EURO.

We wish you every success with the certification process and look forward to receiving your application. 

Certified Security Manager by International Association of Personal Protection Agents

The requirements

The requirements for the Security Manager certification are transparent and only a few exceptions can be made. This is important to ensure the value of being certified by IAPPA. 

  • Former police or military personnel with training and practical experience in close protection 

  • Employees with security responsibilities in companies, security firms or comparable tasks with at least 3 years of professional experience.

If you cannot provide proof of meeting the requirements but fulfill the requirements for certification as a private bodyguard, you may still apply. However, please send an e-mail to our office in advance and let us know what experience you have. Our team will then check the information and decide whether you will be accepted into the program. 


Are you ready to be one of the best?

Certified Security Manager

IAPPA certified Security Managers are the experts in protecting and securing people and assets. They are the interfaces between the employees and the customers and manage their security area through expertise, competence and absolute reliability - without compromise. 

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