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Become a Certified Security Consultant

Security consultant is not a profession and there is almost no training for it, because you can only become a security consultant if you have years of experience in the field of security. However, they are an important position because they advise, analyze and evaluate existing security measures or vulnerabilities in companies. Based on their expertise and assessment, measures are taken that are vital for the protection and safety of companies and people. 

In particular, former soldiers and police officers are readily employed in companies as security experts. They have the necessary security awareness, expertise and competence to provide customers or employers with comprehensive advice. 

With the IAPPA Certified Security Consulting certificate, you gain a great advantage in the industry or with potential employers. Show that your rating is worth something and that you always put the customer's well-being first.  

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How does it work?

If you meet the requirements for Security Consultant Certification, you can start the certification process at the bottom of this page.

Each application will be personally reviewed and evaluated by the IAPPA Certification Centre. If further documentation or evidence is required, you will be contacted by the Certification Office. 

Upon successful certification, your printed certificate and IAPPA badge will be mailed to you. Please allow approx. 14 days for the entire certification process and despatch of the documents. 
With the certification we offer you the opportunity to become a member of IAPPA. The first year of membership is free of charge. After that there is an annual fee of 99,- EURO.

We wish you every success with the certification process and look forward to receiving your application. 

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The requirements

The requirements for the Certified Security Consultant certification are transparent and only a few exceptions can be made. This is important to ensure the value of being certified by IAPPA. 

  • Former police or military personnel with leadership and organizational responsibilities

  • Security systems consultant, travel security consultant, education and training consultant, prevention consultant, security measures consultant

  • Employees with security responsibilities in companies, security firms or comparable tasks with at least 3 years of professional experience.

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Are you ready to be one of the best?

Certified Security Consultant

Security consulting for customers, government agencies or other entities is an extremely important area of the security industry. It forms the basis for the actions that must then be taken. Security consulting, therefore, requires a high level of brainpower, expertise and know-how.In addition to proof of training and activities in the security industry, we expect a minimum of 3 years of activity in this area.​

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