Activities & Benefits


CCPA® Team

The highest certification at IAPPA is available only for IAPPA members who have not only taken enough courses, but have also proven their expertise in the field. Once certified, CCPA members on this selected list of professionals can be deployed in high-profile missions led by IAPPA worldwide.

Regional expertise for local necessities

IAPPA operates globally but fosters local exchange with regional groups, connecting security experts who truly know how to apply global high-quality standards to their specific reality. 


Top-tier events & training opportunities for security experts

Whether it is a certified instruction at one of our training centres, an online course for specific needs or a big conference, IAPPA members have access to exclusive services and discount for all the other products.


Groundbreaking accreditation and certification process

Academies from around the World can have their training programs assessed by IAPPA.  After reviewing and advising on the implementation of the highest industry standards, academies can get their trainees certified by the world’s leading organization IAPPA.

A worldwide network of professionals of all security-related areas

Whether you are on duty, think security strategically or you are responsible for corporate security or child safety issues, IAPPA has like-minded peers that can help you to unfold your full potential.

Expert exchange and internal share

IAPPA promotes the exchange of knowledge and expertise through cross-country and cross-institutional working groups that are either topic or industry-specific. The results of these working groups is then shared with any members interested in that given topic.

Career Advancement

Being member with a worldwide renown association, networking with other experts and acquiring new knowledge and certification can be the ladder for higher dreams. 

Representation of interest and promotion of the professional image

IAPPA represents the interests of law and security professionals worldwide in companies, associations and official institutions and aims to ensure uniform, high-quality standards in the industry. We promote professionalism by means of uniform and high-quality standards through courses, training, certifications and a rigid code of conduct. 

Up-to-date Information Channels

Current topic articles, a newsletter, new courses and webinars help IAPPA members to share and get advice on what is important for them. Now.